“True sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Our imagination led us to opening the first coworking space in Serbia – Smart Office. Located in the very center of Belgrade, our cozy office space with 30 desks and 2 conference rooms is tailored to mobile professionals, start-ups, work-from-home entrepreneurs, freelancers, small teams and anyone who needs fully functional, affordable working space with fully flexible terms of use. We also offer virtual office registration and supporting business services.
Being the pioneers of coworking concept in Serbia makes us feel very proud but also responsible for its continuous growth. We’re putting a lot of effort into building a self-sustaining local hub for those who want to realize their ideas alongside our growing international community of coworkers who found their place in Smart Office.

"Smartovci" - The Team

Miroslav Mijatov, Founder
“I'm a dreamer who doesn't have much time for sleep, a serial entrepreneur, passionate traveler and gastronomad, a guy who cannot stay put for one minute. Physically or mentally! It's probably because I'm a Gemini, so of course, for me, it's all about people and adventure. I was infected with the coworking bug and, luckily, there is no cure for me! So I have open Smart Office, the very first coworking space in Serbia.”
Cvijeta Radović, Client service director
"My name is Cvijeta, and as you might know, us Aries love to be in the center of attention, to be in charge, to have a say in everything, to hold all the strings in our hands, to sing loudly, to love passionately, to be the first at the dance floor. But above all we like to talk a lot - about everything! Sometimes more than we should! I am optimistic by persuasion, curious by choice, a journalist and PR manager by profession. I am look forward to little things, because life is made up of little things -those that always put a smile back on our faces."
Mirjana Vidić, Office assistant
“The start of my career was also my introduction to the coworking concept. Smart Office, the first of its kind in Serbia, turned out to be the perfect place to show me all the magic this concept offers. And magic hasn't stopped ever since. Thus my love of journalism was joined by my love of coworking, which gave me the opportunity to meet many great people. Enjoying good books, exciting movies and, especially, tasty and spicy food are also things that can brighten up my day. And cuddly cats.”
Event manager, wanted!
If you are an experienced event manager, drop us a line because you might become one of our Smart Office network partners!
Marta Mijatov, Marketing consultant
“No doubt, Smart Office is about love for me. I love the idea (almost) as much as I love the man who brought it to life. I am happy to contribute to the growth of our community and I enjoy working from Smart Office whenever possible.”
Nenad Mitrović, Smart digital storyteller
"Desire to help start-ups & entrepreneurs to grow and tell their stories on-line, brought me to Smart where I stayed for some time now. And still fees like the first day."

Smart Office Community

Want to join us?

Smart Office coworkers are bright, hard-working, successful, inspiring people. They come from all types of educational and work backgrounds, from all over the world. Smart Office for them is not just a place of work but also a place where they can create and share ideas, collaborate with other coworkers and expand their network and opportunities. At the end of the day, everyone goes home smarter, happier, and more inspired.